200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Transform your practice & your life

Share the joy of yoga with others through your teaching


In-person & Virtual


Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program
is a transformational journey that includes all aspects of yoga;
anatomy, philosophy & history so you can become a leader and confident teacher.
Help others through yoga!

Wondering if this course is for you? Ask yourself...

Am I ready to help others with the amazing tools of yoga?

√ Am I ready to
become a leader and a confident teacher?

√ Am I
ready to deepen my practice and learn more about yoga poses, anatomy and philosophy?

Do you resonate with the following?

I’ve been practicing yoga for awhile but still feel like there is something missing in my practice

I want to really understand the poses, the best way to do them, for safety and benefit,  and why teachers cue a certain way

I want to learn more about the aspects of Yoga that are rarely taught in general public classes like the history, philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation aspects

I want to share yoga with my family, community or people I work with so they can experience the many benefits

I want to commit to my personal growth and learn tools to find more peace and connection with myself and others around meid your

If you can relate to any of the above, you're in the right place!

We are proud to offer both Virtual & Hybrid Teacher Trainings


Are we not in your city? Maybe you prefer learning online?

Our 200hr Virtual Teacher Training Program offers you the flexibility to join us from literally anywhere

Tuesdays: 4:00 - 7:00 – 3:00 PST

Saturdays & Sundays: 9:00 - 2:00 PST

Not every week

9 Tuesdays  & 10 Weekends



Are you someone who prefers hands on learning?

Our 200hr Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training offers the perfect balance of in-person and virtual hours for the oh so busy yogi

September 30th – February 4th

Tuesdays: online 4:00 - 7:00 – 3:00 PST

Saturdays & Sundays: 1:00 - 8:00 PST

Not every week

9 Tuesdays & 10 Weekends

In Calgary, Alberta or Vancouver, B.C.



Course Outline

Whether you take our Virtual or Hybrid Program, throughout your 200hr Yoga Teacher Training you will...

Learn how your body, and your student's bodies are unique and how to align the poses to get the benefits out of the pose and minimize risk

Refine your physical practice and gain a deeper understanding of why we do the things we do

Learn how to sequence fun & insightful yoga classes; Flow, Hatha, Deep Stretch, & Power

Become more knowledgeable and respectful of yoga’s roots by learning about the history of yoga and develop an understanding of the various lineages

Become an effective, knowledgable & sought-after instructor

Incorporate mindfulness into your daily life so you are truly present and can savour every moment

Get to know yourself and commit some valuable, healing time to yourself!

Feel more connected to your body and yourself

Learn how to take yoga off the mat so you can find more contentment and peace

Why Soul Thrive?

Here at Soul Thrive Yoga we have noticed a gap in the yoga world, there are many, teacher training programs that lack cutting edge, high quality education regarding anatomy and teaching methodology. In addition, they often only focus on the physical practice. Let’s be frank, not all training programs are created equal. You are making an investment of time and money and we believe you should get high value for that; high valuable content, attention and instructors


High Quality, Cutting Edge Education

We provide comprehensive, up-to-date educational content tailored to your needs.


Connection with experienced, knowledgeable & passionate instructors that care

We live & breath yoga ... and we are of service to you. We are passionate about building community and inspiring transformation. Our teachers WANT to support you in any way we can - we are available and here to help through the whole training and afterwards.



This is more than a course to learn about anatomy and poses, it is a dive into yourself to find more connection and joy.

If you are ready for transformation, you are ready for this course.


Live Interaction

Yoga is all about connection so ALL of our courses have A LOT of live hours where you engage, ask questions, and connect with your like-minded community. All virtual classes will be recorded for viewing afterwards.


Well Rounded Program

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training includes all aspects of yoga, including philosophy meditation & mindfulness and the physical practice of Asana (poses). Not all programs include all aspects of yoga.


Belief That You Are Already Perfect

Yoga is for everyone and every body. The Yoga tools help us to find more peace and joy through the realization that we have everything we need inside of us.  You do not need a certain body or personality to be happy or do yoga. You can be happy, content and joyful right now! This core belief permeates ALL of our teachings


Practice Teaching

In order to effectively and confidently teach after the course you need to practice! We do more practice teaching than any other course (that we know of!) We also give you personalized feedback from an experienced teacher.

Plans for everyone

We know everyone is starting this yoga journey from different places and for different reasons. We want to support you to reach your goals and we know KNOW yoga and this course can help.

That's why we have payment plans and options to best suit your financial situation.

Designed for the Self Starter

  • Join from anywhere, no commute/travel time
  • 60 Hours On-Demand Content
  • Virtual practice teaching
  • Ability to re-watch content
  • Lifetime Access
  • Payment Plans Available *taxes included if paid before August 8th
    4 Monthly Payments of $548
    6 Monthly Payments of $368
    8 Monthly Payments of $272
  • Hands on learning
  • In-person practice teaching & demonstration
  • In-person community/cohort

$1998 CAD

Hybrid (In-Person & Virtual)
Designed for the Hands On Leaner

  • In-Person in Vancouver BC & Calgary AB
  • Approved Virtual hours for hybrid flexibility
  • In-person community/cohort
  • In-person practice teaching & demonstration
  • Hands on learning
  • Payment Plans Available *taxes included if paid before August 8th
    4 Monthly Payments of $953
    6 Monthly Payments of $635
    8 Monthly Payments of $476
  • Flexibility to join remotely

$3498 CAD


  • Be the first to hear when dates are announced and get access to early enrolment by joining our waitlist

Meet Your Guide
Founder & Lead Trainer, Christina Raskin

I’ve been teaching Yoga for 20 years and educating Yoga Teachers for 10 years.

I practiced yoga for 3 years before I really committed to myself and dove deeper into the many aspects of the practice from alignment to philosophy.  Once I committed to myself, my life and practice exploded. 

It didn’t happen overnight but the practice of yoga has been by my side for over 20 years, and it has helped me to find more peace, joy and a better connection to my inner wisdom.

Through the years I have noticed a gap in the yoga world.  Many people loved taking yoga classes but at some point they want to learn more.
Yoga has transformed them in small ways but they are craving a deeper transformation & understanding of this beautiful art.

Yoga classes only go so far, you can only teach so much in one hour! 

We've seen many students who have wanted to take our teacher training program but didn’t want to teach - which is the exact reason why my team and I at Soul Thrive Yoga have developed this course.

We understand your desire to learn more about yourself through this magical practice called yoga, and are excited for you to take another step on your journey.  

Not sure if this is the right course for you?

There are many courses to choose from and we are passionate about you finding the right course for your goals and passion. Book a call with us and we'll help you to discover the right fit for you, whether that is with us of someone else.


Who benefits from this program?

Yoga enthusiasts that want to learn all aspects of the yoga science and empower themselves, through knowledge, to improve their practice and transform in a deep and sustainable way.

After this course, you will be able to teach and guide others on the mat, if you chose to, with the option of registering with Yoga Alliance

“I just received my final exam results. I am so elated.  Thank you and your team for the amazing help and guidance you offered throughout the course.  It truly was done well with a lot of care and attention.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am truly grateful and will keep in touch throughout my journey.”

- Myles M

“I would just like to take a moment and thank you for your amazing course, I have thoroughly enjoyed the content and cannot believe how much I  have learnt in the past couple of months.  Your teaching manuals are very impressive and well done, you truly are an extraordinary person and I a very grateful for being able to learn from you.”

- Chantal G

“Christina is one of the best, if not the best, instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from – whether inside or outside of the yoga studio! Christina’s passion to share her love of yoga/pilates shines through in every gentle instruction, graceful movement, and powerful pose she presents to the students.

Yoga is now an integral part of my lifestyle largely due to the strong foundation developed in every practice that I have learned and will continue to learn from Christina. I look forward to seeing her smiling face and positive outlook before, during, and after each class.

Thank you Christina for bringing the best out of me!”

- Francine H

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